DevFest Uyo

DevFest Uyo

As a beginner or a novice in the tech industry we all know the importance of attending tech events. It gives us the opportunities to make friends, Learn new things and gain new connections.

Last year I decided to attend my first tech event "DevFest Uyo".

Here's a recap of dev Fest 2022


Developers festival uyo is an annual community led developer conference in Uyo Nigeria. It is organized by Google developer groups (GDG) Uyo. It is designed to bring together developers, tech enthusiast, designers and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, network, collaborate and learn new skills.

It features many fun events like games, presentations from experts in the tech industry, entertainment, etc.

Above all, DevFest Uyo is a must-attend event for all Individuals interested in the tech industry in uyo. It provides an opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals and experts in industry.


Google developers group

Google developers groups (GDG) are groups of local developers who have specific interest in Google products and API'S. Each local group is called the Google developers chapter. They host a local meetup for a variety of activities for developers and other tech enthusiasts.

It's last year's theme was "Learn, network, connect"

Events hosted:

  • Googles season of docs

  • Flutter festival uyo

  • Fire base study jam uyo

  • Google I/O extended

Komplete care

Komplete care is an online medical organization that enables individuals to have access to remote health care services through video imaging and audio technology.

Pro devs io

ProDevs is a network of skilled high qualified tech talents across Africa, ready to empower companies, build scale and grow faster.

It is a fast growing tech community that provides job and internship opportunities for tech talents looking to grow and learn new things.

The-bunker YPS

The bunker service is a rental company that makes provisions for convenient working space, private offices, meeting and training spaces, virtual offices and executive lounge in Abeokuta, ibadan, lekki, uyo and yaba


Auwal Ms

A Developers community lead at SSA

Spoke on "grow your dev skills with Google"

He explained different path to technical excellence which were;

To Specialize

To Learn and practice

To carry out Side projects

To Challenge yourself

One of the methods to upskill yourself is by joining

"google developer machine learning boot camp"

The benefits of joining a community




Anita achu

Who is a technical writer

spoke on

"Building a technical writing career: roodmap and challenges"

She explained the job of a technical writer. How to get started as a technical writer, Types of technical writing which are;

Product documentation

API and SDK documentation

User guides

Project plans ( white paper and case studies)

Specialized fields documentation

Necessary skills for a technical writer,

Ability to process information

Present in a clear and understandable manner

Posses some writing skills

Research skills

How to get started as a technical writer,

Make post on medium, hashnode and devto

Take Technical writing courses

And the Challenges faced in technical writing

Do I need programming skills

Lack of Information about product or users

Indepth knowledge of your product industry

Writers block

Getting lost in pool of information

Her final words were

"If you really want to start writing, read the writing of others, imagine your audience and share your own style.

Elisha ukpong

A senior full stack developer at lumifom GMBH

Spoke on

"Utilising google optimise for A/B testing as an SEO developer"

He explained

the concept and the meaning of SEO

How to make a website more SEO adaptive

Why a good SEO website concerns the developer

A/B testing

Google optimise and how to utilize it

Ized uanikehi

Who is a digital marketer

Spoke on "creative marketing for emerging digital media"

She enlighten us on digital media key trends in 2022, how to make use of them,

How to start out a career in digital marketing

Different content strategies which can be used to share our thoughts and special creative strategies.

Emem esidem

A product designer at waya money spoke on the topic "love and tech"

Trust me this was a very interesting session as it got the attention of the entire crowd.

She spoke about how love grows among techies , the pros and cons of dating a tech bro or tech sis.

Some of the cons could be the fact that some techies make a lot of money and feel they don't need love.

The pros; all your devices will stay up to date, you'll get free automatic referral or recommendation,

And when the love is balanced there's growth, understanding, improved work habit and good communication.

Are you thinking of dating a tech bro/sis??

Only do that if there's love.

Dr. Trust Egharevba

A consulting optemistric at VCGI (vision care givers international)

Spoke on the topic "Eye care hacks for techies"

VCGI is an eye clinic which provides access to quality and efficient eye health.

He spoke on the sources of eye challenges, work environment hacks, food hacks, Gadget hacks and the use of blue ray lens.

He also made provisions for 10% discount on blue cut lens and food bulletin for all the attendies.

Victor Agbenro

A senior Engineer at Harvexx

Spoke on

"Building and deploying scalable application with flutter"

He spoke on scalability and the importance of building a scalable application

Features of a scalable application

Why an application should be tested before it is being deployed

the importance of scalable code, how to compose a scalable code base.

Chika onoh

A full stack developer and freelancer

Spoke on the topic

"is your organization ready for the cloud"

Cloud service offerings and providers

Amazon web services, Microsoft azure, google cloud platform and a host of many others

Different stages of adopting to cloud

He explained the different stages of Google adoption framework which are;



scale and secure.

Victoria Ottah

A product designer and technical writer.

Spoke on

"Accessibility; building an inclusive web"

She explained Accessibility as building products while considering users with different defects such as disability or deformities. I.e products that can be used by every and all individuals e.g blind people.

The Various types and stages of disability

Approaches used to implement accessibility for web

Assistive technology examples; prosthetic leg wheelchair

Adapting strategies example; assistant apps

Who can implement accessibility and how they can implement it

the importance of implementing accessibility

Gift Egwuenu

A developer manager at cloudflare

Spoke on the topic

"personal Branding for software engineers"

She explained;

the meaning of personal Branding

the importance and purpose of personal Branding

how to build a personal Brand using the 12 months strategy

the importance of learning in public

and how to make your brand outstanding.


Devfest Uyo 2022 was a fun filled event. It was educating and inspiring, from the entertainment, to the games, lectures, picture taking etc.

At the end of the event I parted with a fresh mindset to keep growing and learning in the tech space.

My appreciation goes to Google developers group for hosting such a wonderful event.

I highly recommend this event for every techie within or around uyo.

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