Middey is a mobile fintech app that is created to help users link their debit card or bank account for easy transfer of money to friends and family, to make payments online, receive money, create a payroll, buy airtime and data, pay bills etc.

Middey was launched on the 22nd of July in FCT Abuja by Middey Technologies Ltd.

Members of the Middey team:

John mfon- CEO

Queen mercy- Brand Ambassador

Emediong Ekanem- Legal practitioner

Stephen Bitrus- chief operations officer

Objective of Middey

The primary objective of middey is to develop systems aimed at improving payment, transfer, bill payment, Payroll management and administration for organizations, businesses, firms, and individuals.

Middey has a vision to optimize technology for the purpose of improving employer and employee relationship for organizations, businesses and firms. It also aims to improve payroll documentation and financial systems.

How to sign in to middey app

Step 1:

search for the middey app on play store for Android users and app store for iOS users.

To download the app, Click on install

Step 2:

Open the app, a sign in page will appear

To create a new account, click on "register"

Step 3:

Input your details to create a new account.

Click on "register"

Step 4:

A six digit pin will be sent to your email

Input the pin, click on "verify Email"

Step 5:

For the final registration process, click on "Get started"

Input the required details which include; bvn, bank account, account number etc.

Step 6:

Automatically, middey will generate an account number which will be used for transaction purposes.

Features of the middey app


This function allows you to send money to any type of bank account. Including opay, palmpay, kuda, paycom and many other banks.

All you have to do is

Input the amount to be transferred

Select the recipients bank account

Input the recipient's account number.

If the bank account and account number is correct, the name of the account will appear below

Include a narration (optional)

Click on send


This function allows you to receive money from different banks.

In other to receive money copy your middey account details and forward it to the sender

E.g 8214190667

Wema bank


Bill payment

With this function you can buy airtime and data from all Nigerian networks, buy credit and recharge your electricity, pay for Dstv and other television subscriptions.

Note: The electricity and cable features are yet to be launched. But the airtime and data bundle features are currently available.


This is a scheduled payment function. Payroll allows you to upload information and bank details of each employee. It tracks each employee's working hours, calculates their pay and makes payment to the workers bank account. By this, they receive their salary on a specified day and time.

Middey vendor

The job of a middey vendor is to perform different transactions like; transfers, deposits, purchase of airtime, data plans, credit for prepaid meters etc.

As a middey vendor you make money by providing financial services in your community.

Tier 1 & Tier 2

Middey allows you to make 3 send and receive transactions upon registration.

To enjoy unlimited transactions upgrade your middey account from Tier 1 to Tier 2

Which enables you to send above 10,000 naira at once

Note: upgrade is only available on chrome, Firefox and Safari

How to upgrade to TIER 2

Step 1:

Login on middey.com in your chrome browser.

Click on web

Input your login details

Step 2:

Click on the toolbar

A popup will appear

Click on kyc/compliance

Step 3:

Fill in the required details which includes uploading a passport, your basic details and a means of identification which could be your driver's license, NIN, voters card and international passport.

Step 4:

Upon completion of the form your account will be reviewed and upgraded within 24 hours.

Pay Merchant

This is one of the most exciting features of middey technology.

This function makes payment stress free and fast.

Let's say I want to hang out and eat at Le'Goshen African dishes, get a haircut at sezy unisex salons or make payments to middey technologies.

All I have to do is pull out my phone, open my Middey app and make payments to the companies middey account.

How to use the "pay merchant" function

  1. Click on pay Merchant and search for the merchant.

Note: The company has to be registered under middey merchants.

To register as a merchant visit middey.com

  1. Input the amount to be sent to the merchant.

swipe to pay.

  1. By that you have successfully made payments to the merchant.

Are you a business owner?

What's stopping you?

Click here to register as a middey merchant

Other products of middey technology

This is a product of middey technologies which is designed to simplify and revolutionize payments. They strive to provide quality solutions to critical problems.

This product is used to enhance payment, it can be used by apps or websites to facilitate payment.

NL biometrics

This is one excellent product of middey technologies.

It is a biometrics system which is used for fingerprints identification, capturing and verification. This product can be used by apps, phones and other devices to provide smart security services.


Smart business suite (SBS) is programmed to help businesses efficiently manage their customers orders. It keeps accurate records of each customers order and transactions.


A leading-edge financial technology (fin-tech) software


This is a Modern era web Technology designed for creating dashboard & web portals. With this product you can rebrand or design your web dashboard and portal.

Difference between Middey and other apps

Low cost of transaction

compared to other fin-tech companies, middey charges a very low cost for each transaction made.

Instant Transfer

Middey possesses exceptional speed when it comes to transactions be it transfer, receive, airtime,data etc. Transactions with middey has been tested and trusted. With middey there is no case of a hanging transaction.


Middey protects all its users' information. There is no leakage of information, with Middey

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of Middey has been made for the satisfaction of the customers.


middey releases daily newsletterw with exciting and entertaining contents.

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In this century of Fintech

For all personal and business transaction, Middey has you covered.