Starting Out With RIX

Starting Out With RIX

If you've been curious or confused about RIX, look no further.

In this article, you will learn about RIX, the new AI-driven collaborator that has brought ease to technical writers and developers.

Let's dive in and explore RIX

What is RIX?

Rix is an AI-driven code collaborator, search engine, and search companion. It was designed by the Hashnode team to help technical writers, developers, and other users have quick access to information on the internet.

Rix modes

Rix is developed to work in three different modes which can be found at the drop down of the search bar.

  • Web search mode.

  • Quick search mode

  • Code writer mode

Using illustrations, we are going to explore each of these modes.

Web search mode

This is one of the distinct features of RIX. As a user instead of searching Google or other browsers for information, RIX surfs the internet for you and picks the most up to date information while including sources of the data i.e the websites where the data was obtained and follow up questions.

With this mode, you can also Paste the URL for a website and Rix summarizes and explains the content of the website. It acts as a source of documentation.

Here's an illustration;

Using web search mode I searched "What is the most used app in 2023"

As shown in the picture, Rix not only answers the question but also shows the sources it got the answers from and recommends follow-up questions to continue the search.

This is something most AI software cannot do.

Quick search mode

In this mode, RIX quickly responds to questions using existing knowledge, eliminating the need to search the web for rapid and efficient answers.

It answers based on speed by providing immediate, informed responses tailored to the user's inquiries.

By leveraging its extensive database of pre existing knowledge, RIX delivers prompt and reliable answers, making it an invaluable resource for fast paced workflows and decision making.

Code writer mode

Code writer mode is the most commonly used mode as it is used by developers, technical writers in etc.

It can be used to correct codes, write codes,and improve overall coding quality.

In this mode, RIX serves as a companion, offering insights, code suggestions, and error identification, ultimately streamlining the coding process and enhancing the collaborative efforts of technical professionals.

Here's an illustration of a wrong code I send to RIX. It explains the problem of the code and gives a solution to solve the problem.

Features of RIX

Language Preferences:

Rix can function in all popular languages in the world, providing search results and content in the preferred language for a more personalized experience.

It also has knowledge of a wide variety of programming languages like HTML, CSS JavaScript, mongo dB, Typescript, React, Python, etc

Discussing URL Content:

Rix can engage in discussions about the content of a given URL, offering insights, summaries, or conversational interactions related to the material found on the webpage.

Article/Web Page Summary:

It can generate concise and insightful summaries of articles or web pages, providing users with a quick overview of the main points and key take away contained in the web page.

Follow-up Questions:

RIX generates relevant follow-up questions or prompts based on the user's initial query, helping to refine the search and offer more targeted results.


Rix provides detailed information about the sources of the information, including credibility, authorship, and recency, offering users transparency and confidence in the data they are accessing.

GitHub Gist:

Rix integrates with GitHub and provides access to relevant code snippets, software documentation, or project information available on GitHub Gist, enriching the search results with practical code examples or developer resources.

With Rix, you can perform specific web searches, targeting particular websites or domains to find content within a specific context or niche, enhancing the precision and relevance of search results.

To do this simply type "site:[the URL]" in your search query.

Chrome Extension (coming soon):

The AI search engine offers a Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with users' browsing experience. It can automatically open resource information (RIX) in a new tab, allowing users to access relevant content without interrupting their current browsing activities.

VS Studio Code (coming soon):

RIX would provide plugins or features that integrate with development environments such as VS Code, offering developers quick access to relevant resources, code snippets, or documentation as they code or troubleshoot.

What Makes Rix Stand Out

RIX stands out because of its innovative features.

Unlike other AI software that relies solely on pre launched data, RIX sets itself apart with its Quick Search mode, granting instant access to the latest internet information and trends. Its comprehensive understanding of various programming languages makes it an invaluable asset for developers, offering an all in one solution to enhance their work.


RIX stands as a remarkable addition to every developer’s toolkit. By providing developers with up-to-date information and empowering them to write efficient codes, RIX has not only become a critical asset but also a way forward in the ever evolving landscape of software development. With its commitment to delivering real time insights and facilitating smoother coding experiences, RIX is positioned to catalyze a new era of technological advancement and innovation.

As we look ahead, it's clear that RIX's presence is set to redefine the way we approach coding, writing, and research which would build a brighter and more dynamic future for tech enthusiasts and developers.

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